Anyone who has grown up in Utah knows that St. George has a tremendous, if not legendary, foodie scene. Sure, you can find great restaurants just about anywhere, but even the chain restaurants in this desert city seem to have a special touch. What tastes good at a chain restaurant in Salt Lake City tastes even better in St. George. 

This phenomenon represents only one of many factors that make St. George a fantastic place to live. However, we don't expect you to take our word for it. Try out some of this city's cuisine for yourself. It has all the variety that you'd expect from a modern city, and you can choose any number of chain restaurants. But we encourage you to sample a few more unique eateries instead.

Below, we've given you a list of some of St. George's most delicious restaurants. Check out each one to find your favorite flavor.

1. The Painted Pony: 2 West Saint George Blvd.

This restaurant provides fine dining for both lunch and dinner. As far as entrees go, you'll find everything from lamb and duck to ratatouille ravioli. This eatery also serves delicious steaks and salads if you want something more traditional. Additionally, the Painted Pony serves a variety of desserts, including crème brûlées and soufflés, as well as a white chocolate cheesecake tower.

So if your household has varied tastes, the Painted Pony gives you the ideal solution. Be advised that dinner entrees cost between $25 and $39. Lunch dishes cost about $10. You can also find vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options if needed.

2. Cliffside Restaurant: 511 S Airport Rd.

Do you feel in the mood for American comfort food? Then the Cliffside Restaurant represents your best option. This restaurant serves steaks and burgers, but it also provides creamy soups, fried chicken, fish tacos, and unique dishes like four cheese and pear pasta. They also offer freshly hand-pulled mozzarella as an appetizer. Your dessert options include cakes, cheesecake, brûlée, sorbet and more.

Additionally, the Cliffside Restaurant has a kid-friendly menu, as well as a fantastic view of the city from atop the cliff that gives it its name.

3. Claim Jumper Steakhouse: 1110 S Bluff St.

If you'd like to sample some of the best steak in the country, come to Claim Jumper Steakhouse. This steakhouse only serves dinner between the hours of 4 and 10. Your entrée choices include various steaks from sirloins and rib eyes to New York cuts. You can also order pork ribs, crab legs, salmon, trout, and other meats.

Or, if you want something a little different, the Claim Jumper Steakhouse also crafts delicious fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, and quesadillas. The most expensive item on the menu costs about $25, but most entrées fall in the $10 to $20 range. You can also find a kids' menu here.

4. Anasazi Steakhouse & Gallery: 1234 W Sunset Blvd.

LocalEats® ranks the Anasazi Steakhouse & Gallery as the best steakhouse in St. George. When you visit this eatery, it creates an atmosphere similar to one you'd find in an art gallery. You'll find all kinds of interesting dishes here, including seafood and steaks seared on hot volcanic rock. And if you like fondue, you're in luck, because the Anasazi Steakhouse serves it for dessert.

This restaurant also offers vegetarian- and kid-friendly menus.

5. One Hot Grill: 14 W. Tabernacle St.

Maybe you have a craving for a seriously juicy and flavorful burger. One Hot Grill gives you just that. This restaurant serves unique gourmet burgers and hot dogs, including options that feature green chilies and queso fresco cheese. Salads and fries, including chili fries, comprise the side items.

If you want a burger from this restaurant, make sure you visit before 7 PM. One Hot Grill only serves lunch and early dinner.

6. Ernesto's Mexican: 929 W Sunset Blvd. Suite 18.

Since 1994, Ernesto's has served local residents with some of the best tacos, mole enchiladas, verde burritos, and chiles rellenos in the state. You'll find a full range of authentic Mexican food here, so visit for lunch or dinner. The best part of this restaurant experience? You won't have to pay much to get a lot of food. Just schedule your visit during the week, because Ernesto's closes on Sunday.

7. Capeletti's: 36 E Tabernacle St.

Make your evening special and come to Capeletti's for authentic Italian food. This restaurant's menu features any kind of pasta you could wish for, as well as fresh fish and various meat options. Dessert is somewhat of an adventure here because you'll get to sample the homemade selection of the day. You'll also find a kids' menu here, as well as soups and salads if you don't feel particularly hungry.

8. Benja's Thai Garden: 2 W Saint George Blvd.

Experience St. George's best Asian cuisine at Benja's Thai Garden. They offer both traditional Thai dishes, as well as a wide selection of sushi. Take advantage of their all-you-can-eat deal Monday through Thursday from 4:30 to 6:30 PM. You just have a 90-minute time limit.

St. George has a lot to offer the food enthusiast. After you move in, don't miss out on delicious dishes at all of these restaurants!